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Eat Grapefruit, Burn Fat

You may have heard that grape fruit is a great fat burner, but you are not sure exactly why?

Could this be a scam by the Grapefruit industry trying to take over the country? Perhaps even the world?

Hold your horses there friend, there are some facts to back up some of the claims for grapefruit juice.

Although you may not be able to lose 10 pounds in 10 days like people claimed in the 1970's, adding a glass of grapefruit juice into your fat loss routine might help reach your goal more effectively. Here is why:

1. "Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables, including citrus fruits like grapefruit. According to an October 2008 study published in “Phytomedicine,” a dry polyphenolic extract of grapefruit, orange and red orange is shown to have a lipolytic effect, breaking down stored fat. Obese individuals treated with the polyphenolic extract demonstrated a 5.53 percent reduction in body fat after four weeks and a 15.6 percent reduction after 12 weeks of daily supplementation." - SFGate

2. "While grapefruit has been proven to work as a fat burning food, consumers of grapefruit will also experience additional health benefits. According to Dr. Fujioka’s study, individuals who consumed his allotted amounts of grapefruit each day also experienced decreased levels of insulin, which is a hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism, energy, and blood sugar levels. An excess of insulin can actually lead to serious illnesses, such as diabetes; therefore, a steady diet of grapefruit can actually prevent the development of this health disorder." - Citrus.Com

Although a glass of grapefruit juice may not help you lose fat if you decide to eat a whole gallon of ice cream with it, it can be an effective tool to help you reach your goals with an effective fat loss program. Hope you enjoyed everyone.

Any questions, comments, or snide remarks can be left below in the comments section.

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