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Policies/Gym Rules

Olympus Athletics is a private training club that operates much differently than a typical commercial gym. We have policies and rules in place to help ensure the maximum safety of the facility and satisfaction of members in an effort to bring the best strength and conditioning experience to our home town of Merced, CA. The following rules and policies are found in our customer contracts, but are visible for all to see here so that you can get a better idea of how our facility operates or as a reminder for existing members.

Get a spot, Give a Spot

Because we are a small center focused on strength and conditioning, we want our members to feel comfortable asking each other for a spot on an exercise. If a member feels it unsafe or is recovering from injury, they may decline to spot. However, we ask members to be willing to give a spot under normal circumstances as well as feel free to ask other members for a spot if you can!

Eating food & Hanging out

Members are always expected to clean up after themselves, including food. Protein bars, shakes, and more portable snacks are allowed anywhere in the gym. However, meals are only allowed in our waiting area with the couches. Ever seen a lifter sit on a bench for 30 minutes just to eat a chipotle bowl? Not the nicest way to hog a piece of equipment. For the courtesy of others in the gym, spend your time eating or hanging out on the couches. The weight area is for putting in work.

Put your weights away!

Nobody likes people who leave a mess in the gym and weights out because often times it is another member that has to put weights away in order to use a machine or space. Leaving equipment out can also be a safety hazard and can cause tripping or other issues. This is extremely inconsiderate to do to other members and staff. We have a 5$ per item charge for every piece of equipment left out (plates, dumbbells, mats, etc). This is supposed to be a deterrent, meaning we are not trying to make an income off of a messy weight room. If the issue persists, it can result in membership termination without refund (as per our contract). Put your stuff away!


All memberships are under a 1 year (12 month) contract. The contract is under automatic renewal and will automatically renew at the end of the existing 12 month contract unless the member sends proper cancellation notice at the end of the contract. Cancellation, freeze, or change of a membership requires a 30 day written notice. Cancellations within the year contract require a $50 cancellation fee to void the existing contract. Utilize the contact form on this site to reach out for any changes to your membership!

Members only

Although we are a 24/7 access strength and conditioning facility, we do not always have staff on site. Because of this, we do not take walk ins. Any interested or potential customer must reach out to us on this website to set up an appointment to meet, check out the gym, or purchase a day pass. The food is locked 24/7 and only members have access via key fob scanning at the door. The facility is monitored 24/7 with security footage and a tailgating system that senses how many people walk through the door along with footage of each persons face.. If a member tries to sneak a non member in, there is an immediate 100$ fine and the member is kicked out from the facility. Don't try to sneak people in! Day passes are only 10$.

No Similar solicitation

Members are not allowed to provide any services similar to the services we provide at Olympus Athletics (Personal training, nutrition plans, exercise plans or instruction, etc). We have worked hard to create a space to train our clients, not for you to train yours. Any suspicious activity can result in membership termination.

If members have a unrelated business (barbers, cosmetologists/beauty, or other local businesses) we have a community bulletin board to help raise awareness for your business. We do our best to foster a sense of community and want to support our members because they support us!

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