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Olympus Athletics was founded by Josh and Michael Amaral. Our goal is to be the change needed in the fitness industry. First, much of the fitness industry is either focused on a fad or just altogether uneducated in their approach towards health. As a solution to this, Josh currently holds a Dual Masters in Applied Exercise Science with focuses in Strength and Conditioning plus Sports Nutrition. After this masters program, he will continue straight into a PhD in Health and Human Performance. Michael is currently finishing her bachelors in Human Biology with plans to continue to a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance.

Another issue in the fitness industry is the common "go hard or go home" mentality. Although there is no problem with being intense, pushing too hard or making too many changes to the lifestyle at once will likely result in falling off the wagon. We focus on promoting the highest level of "adherence" (a persons ability to stick to the program) possible. We do this by making small changes over time toward a healthy lifestyle and building the habits needed to turn goals into reality. Emphasis is on Identity change and the processes that support the desired outcome rather than solely focusing on the goal itself.

Our training and nutrition system is designed to make small, meaningful changes over time at the pace of the individual client. We have worked with general population and high level D1 athletes, ages from 5 years old to 98 years old. We are comfortable working with any age range. In fact, our training and nutrition is designed to mold around the needs of the client.

Everyone can get stronger, whether its a powerlifter or someone in their 70's. We believe strength and fitness is a tool to help people improve their quality and quantity of life. We would love to help you towards those goals and we firmly believe our system is flexible to work with and help anyone who walks through our doors. Our community is supportive towards all training goals. No matter where you are or where you want to go, we will encourage, educate, and do everything within our power to get you to your goals!

Meet the staff. All of our coaches are certified through accredited organizations and are currently working towards or finishing degrees in exercise or nutrition. ​ Whether its competing in bodybuilding, powerlifting, need strength and conditioning work for a team sport, or someone who just wants to pursue an overall healthy lifestyle, these are the coaches that will help you get there.

Coaches & Trainers


Josh Amaral, M.S.

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Head Coach​

Qualifications & Credentials

- Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Kinesiology: Exercise Science

- Masters of science (M.S.) in: Applied Exercise Science with dual concentrations in Strength and Conditioning plus Sports Nutrition

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

- NASM Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist

- NASM Certified Nutrition Specialist

- NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning facilitator (TSAC-F)

- USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach

- Westside Barbell Certified Trainer and Athletic Coach


- 11 Years as a fitness/exercise professional

- 6 years powerlifting coach

- 6 years as a competitive powerlifting athlete

- 2 years coaching as a high school strength and conditioning coach

-4 years working at a non profit centered around helping kids from underprivileged communities get to college on athletic scholarships

- Coached multiple D1 athletes. Helped prep multiple athletes for D1 colleges such as CAL Berkley for sports such as football, soccer, water polo, baseball, basketball, and more.

Follow his journey on instagram @OATS_COACHJOSH


Michael Amaral

Assistant Coach​

Qualifications & Credentials

- Currently in progress toward a Bachelors of Science in Health sciences (healthy lifestyle and fitness science).

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach


- Broke National Records in Junior Women's Powerlifting


- 13 years of Ballet

- 6 Years Powerlifting coaching and competing

- 3 years teaching dance

- 4  years as a trainer working with groups and individuals toward various goals (weight loss, muscle growth, strength, and general health goals).

Follow her journey on Instagram @_thatgirlmichael

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Owen Thomas


Qualifications & Credentials

- Currently Studying Kinesiology: Exercise Science at Fresno State

- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Awards and Accomplishments

- Broke the national record in the Teen drug tested squat in the 198 lbs weight class with a 538 lbs squat

Follow his journey on instagram @owen3699

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