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Nutrition Calculators

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Protein is essential for not just muscle growth and health maintenance, but also fat loss. Research has demonstrated that successful fat loss diets are higher in protein. Protein helps you feel full and curbs craving, while also increasing your metabolism and the calories you burn at rest (The Thermic Effect of food).  Use the calculators below to determine how much protein is recommended for you based upon your body weight and body fat levels. If you need to increase your protein by a large amount, or if it is too difficult to increase your protein all at once, you can break this up into two parts. For example, if your ideal protein intake is 80g more than you are currently consuming, it may be too difficult for you to increase this all at once. Instead, increase by 20-40g weeks for a few weeks and another 20-40g for a few weeks. Important note: If you are over 20% body fat level, you will utilize the calculator on the bottom right. If you are 20% body fat or lower, utilize the calculator on the bottom left. Once you have established your protein intake, check with your trainer or coach to make sure the amount of protein you have calculated looks correct and they will help you to determine if we need to increase protein in one or two increments. Contact us if you have any questions! 

calculate your maintenance calories below. If you are eating above this calorie level, cut 150 calories a day each week until you reach the target calorie intake. If you are consuming below the calculated amount, increase 150 calories a day each week until you reach the proper amount. Contact us with any questions!


Alright, here we go! Congrats on making it this far. We will begin to impliment full macros at this point. Because we are implimenting full macros, you now do not have to follow the food list anymore! We recommend utilizing the food list for at least 80% of the meals throughout the week. If your goal is fat loss, keep 90-100% of the foods from the food list. This will help you feel more satiated and avoid falling off the wagon. The key to this phase is 'moderation'. We are allowing more types of food, but controlling the amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to keep everything in moderation. There are no good or evil foods, there is simply foods out of balance in too low or too high of quantity. Remove the judgement from food and focus on maintaining a balance through macros in this phase. WE WILL INCREASE OR DECREASE YOUR TOTAL CALORIC INTAKE AS NEEDED IN ORDER TO GET YOU TO A MAINTENANCE LEVEL OF CALORIES and macros. Keep in mind we do not want to increase caloric intake more than 100-200 calories a week depending on the amount of change you need to make. UTILIZE THE CALCULATOR BELOW TO DETERMINE THE PROPER MACROS FOR YOU and reach out to your coach with the numbers you find and create a strategy with your coach on how to move forward:

Using the calories calculated above, get your full macros below:

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