What is Aesthetics?

Are you embarrassed to take off your shirt? Do you see other people and wish you looked like them? Well that vision, that dream you have for yourself and your body is possible. Be embarrassed, be jealous, and get frustrated. When you use that frustrated energy and follow a program with intensity and focus, you will reach your goal. Here at Olympus, we give you the tools to get you from being embarrassed about your body, to being proud.

Aesthetics is focused solely on looks. When looking at what it takes to look good, there are 3 major factors that come into play: Muscle Mass, Body Fat, and Symmetry.

Muscle Mass:

To a certain point, the more muscle mass you have, the better looking you are. Of course when you see the huge guys on steroids, most people think to themselves “I never want to look like that”. But when building a physique naturally, it is impossible to build so much muscle that you would look like a huge monster. So if you are natural, just focus on building as much muscle as you can.

Body Fat:

Also to a certain point, the lower body fat you have leads to looking better. Yes, there are exceptions to this. As you get to ultra low body fats such a 2-3%, you look more freaky than aesthetic. Not to mention you need fat to survive and being so low could be fatal. But most people could stand to lose some body fat. Generally between 8-12%, for men and 14-18% for women body fat looks the best and should be the goal for someone interested in Aesthetics.


Symmetry simply refers to how proportioned everything looks in your body. Be honest, do you skip leg day? Don’t be the guy with huge arms and chest, but sticks for calves. Make sure you build a balanced physique because even if you have a lot of muscle mass in certain areas, with low body fat, a non-proportional body just looks weird.

So putting it all together: Build muscle, lose fat, and treat every area of the body with the same attention in order to build a second-glance-worthy physique

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