Introduction to the Three Key Training Principles of Performance

So, training for performance, huh? You’re not too concerned about how you look, or even how you feel. I mean, that's fine, but it's not what gets your engine revving. What gets you fired up is simple: Winning. Your confidence on the field, on the track, or on the platform is what matters. Anything else is just a cherry on top. When performance is the primary goal, it is important to remember 3 key principles about training:

  1. Specificity simply refers to how similar your training exercises are to your competitive movement.

  2. Progressive Overload refers to how the workouts become more difficult over time as you adapt and get stronger.

  3. SRA stands for stimulus, recovery, adaptation, and simply means that in order to adapt, you must have proper levels of stimulus and recovery to adapt to your training goals. If you haven't already seen it, check out my YouTube series on SRA Here

So when training for performance, remember to use exercises similar to what you'd do in competition, the workouts should get progressively harder as you improve, and to let your body recover in order to fully adapt to your training.

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