Personal Training

Individual training is our most individualized program and it is our most expensive program. Here you get one-on-one training with an experienced and certified trainer or coach.  A custom nutrition plan is included with certain personal training packages. This program is great for people who have specific problems/injuries and need more attention due to inabilities. It is also great for those who need the accountability of a trainer and the motivation the trainer provides them pushing them through their workout. 

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Online Training

Online training is a great option for someone who wants expert coaching, but is not close to our gym. With online training, our expirienced coaches create a custom training and nutrition plan which are all tracked via smartphone apps. We offer two levels, one Basic which is more affordable and runs off of percentage and RPE based training. The more advanced training option involves the use of velocity based training, which every client is expected to purchase their own device to utilize for the program. VBT (Velocity Based Training) is a very new form of coaching with much promise, giving us coaches the ability to give more advanced and specific programs for individuals by using bar velocity as an additional training variable.

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Gym Memberships

Memberships to the exclusive Olympus Athletics gym gives the member access to machines, barbells, and gym equipment you won't find at your local Globo - Gym. Not only is the gym equipment different, but the environment as well. A wise man once said "If you're the strongest person in you gym, it's time to find a new gym". By surrounding yourself with highly motivated individuals and healthy competition, you will continue to PR and progress. 


We offer an exclusive coaching service which includes a custom training and nutrition plan all tracked and followed via smartphone apps, as well as access to coaching hours for instruction  and access to a certified coach for questions and help, and a monthly review to assess progress, goals, and more information pertaining to your satisfaction of the program. 


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