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online training

Online programming

  • Training Program

    • ​Tracked via Smartphone app 

  • Nutrition Course​

  • 24/7 messaging through app​​

  • Percentage based Training (PBT) and RIR to determine how much weight to lift​

    • we will use PBT and RPE to determine how much weight to use on a given exercise. if you do not understand these concepts, we will teach you! It is important to understand how much weight to use on an exercise if you want to maximize your results while also avoiding injury.​


Includes EVERYTHING in Programming plus:

  • Competition Prep

    • powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, and other sports prep for competition day.​

  • Velocity Based Training (VBT) Technology as a means of auto regulation and fatigue management

    • ​Advanced Coaching utilizes state of the art Velocity Based Training (VBT) technology to determine load (how much weight to put on the bar). This is used by purchasing a VBT device which measures the speed of the bar. Based upon the speed of the movement, you will know whether to increase or decrease the weight or to keep it the same. Scientific research has shown using VBT can increase your strength and explosive power over regular training with less overall work/volume (Dorrell, Smith & Gee 2020). 

  • monthly strategy session reviewing sleep, steps, nutrition, adherence, and more.

    • Data is tracked over the course of the month and reviewed via a 30 minute strategy session to help create solutions to any issues holding you back. Daily steps, bodyweight/bodyfat, sleep, macros, workout adherence, and more is reviewed to see what is the bottleneck holding back your progress. You cannot improve what you 

Dorrell, H. F., Smith, M. F., & Gee, T. I. (2020). Comparison of Velocity-Based and Traditional Percentage-Based Loading Methods on Maximal Strength and Power Adaptations. Journal of strength and conditioning research, 34(1), 46–53.

Michael Amaral
Josh Amaral
head Coach

- Percentage/RPE based

- Nutrition Assistance

- Powerlifting Prep

- specialty: Weight loss/womens strength


- PBT, RPE, or VBT based

- Advanced Nutrition Coaching

- Competition Prep

- specialty: Various



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